My name is Jennifer, and I live outside of Denver, CO with my husband and three young girls. A while back, I wrote devotions for a Lutheran quarterly publication. I loved it, and wanted to get back to that type of writing. I hope you enjoy it and come back soon.

Jonathan and I also blog at I Love Your Work, Jonathan Fenske where you can catch up with our writing on art, books and family. You can find the blog here: FatandAppy.com, our online store for our modern art canvases for children. Jonathan lends his designs to the canvases (he’s a Penguin USA children’s book illustrator and author.)

I am the author of two novels: The Wide Smiles of Girls and Toss the Bride. You can read more about the books at my website.

I’m on the Twitters here:


9 thoughts on “About

  1. I really enjoyed your writings. Of course, I can picture where
    you are and have also experienced that beautiful early sunrise you write about. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jennifer–your mom sent me these, and they’re absolutely wonderful!! I could just hear you chatting away–how very proud they are of you–and how proud I am to be able to say, “I knew her when…” BB

  3. Jennifer–your mom just forwarded these to me–they’re wonderful, and can just hear you talking!! I did sign up but didn’t see anywhere to submit my epmail address–oh, maybe I should just click on Sign me up, Ms. Pearl!! Bobbi

    PS: This was the first one I wrote–oops!! BB

  4. Whoops! I just had to share with some in my Life Group. I re-read all your writings and am amazed once again at your ability to put words on paper that make sense, are entertaining and so spirit filled. As I’ve said before, you have grown into a beautiful young woman, great wife, and loving
    and funny mom to P and C. I am planning to “borrow” your memorization of Bible verses idea and bring it to my Life Group this Fall. I hope most the the ten of us will want to do this.
    Love you.

  5. Jennifer,
    Your Mom sent me your address. I just read the first writing and can’t wait to read them all. I have printed them all so I can read them later.
    God has blessed you with a wonderful talent. Thanks for sharing it with others..
    Nina Godfrey

  6. hey lady!!!! you won the blog makeover on my blog and i wanted to get in touch with you to let you know!!! can you email me to let me know you got this?!?!?! thanks!!!!

    angie smith

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