Hello Dear Blog Readers, 

I’m super thrilled and just a wee bit nervous to share a new project I’ve been working on: The Penzy, a Blog about Faith + Pretty Things

Since 2010 or so, I’ve written the occasional blog on faith-y things here at Pale As a Pearl. (I’ve also written a lot of posts on art and illustration over at I Love Your Work, Jonathan Fenske, if you’re into that kind of thing.) But over the past few months, I have felt called to post more regularly; to be more faithful to a calling to encourage and make a big deal about Jesus. 

I also felt a strange urging to include “Pretty Things” in my new blog, The Penzy. Pretty things are the objects that make life more lovely: a gorgeous strand of beads; the perfect pillow; a bright art print for the hallway. So, each post will include something I am currently swooning over. 

The logo of The Penzy, a blog about faith + pretty things

I’ve left one thing out of The Penzy: comments. I really want readers to enjoy The Penzy’s posts (hopefully!) and not feel the urge to respond. I know sometimes I rush to the comments of a blog post to see what other people are saying and I completely forget what I just read. It’s my hope that without the pressure to comment, my treasured readers will just stop by for a moment and relax. And maybe be inspired, too. 

I’d love it if you would join me over at The Penzy. I won’t post anything more in this space. But click on my email sign up page and you’ll have a post as early as tomorrow when I publish “You Are Where You Are Supposed to Be.” 

Thanks for reading all these years…and your uplifting comments and support. I am humbled that my faith stumbles/triumphs are of any use to anyone at all. So, God gets the glory. All of it. 

In Christ,

PS All of the Pale as a Pearl posts have been transferred to The Penzy with comments intact. Come on over, or just sign up for posts to be delivered by email!  


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