It’s Monday and I’m back at work: wiping rumps, wiping counters and sending emails to clients.

But my mind and my heart are still in a crowded old Denver coliseum where Beth Moore spoke Friday and Saturday.

If you know me, you know I am a huge fan of Beth Moore. I’ve done her studies, seen her twice in person and once on a simulcast, and I am going through her new study, Children of the Day with a darling group of friends this summer.

I think the real reason I love Ms. Beth is that her love for women comes across like electricity. It’s powerful. Its zaps you, in a good way. Beth has made it her life’s work to serve women of all ages and places. Her words and her efforts point me to Jesus, over and over again. Her works points me back to the Bible until I am filled up with the Word.

A blog post by Jennifer Manske Fenske

The front of our Living Proof Live booklet. The smears are probably tear stains. Just keepin’ it real here, ladies.


I sat under her teaching this weekend and I was struck again how she can simply drill down to the basics. Early on Friday evening, she invited us to bring whatever we were dealing with and carry it to Jesus this weekend. Not to set it outside the coliseum; not to pretend our yuck didn’t matter. I felt this collective sigh go up from the women around me. Because, really, that’s what we want to do, isn’t it? We want to show our real selves and say, “This hurts. This is killing me. I can’t take this pain all by myself.” 

And if we do that, if we take the step of revealing our authentic self, what if we are rejected, laughed at or worse, ignored? We know this is the chance we take.

But sweet Beth told us to drag our real selves to the “one and only God who delivers.” It’s Jesus. Jesus is the One and Only.

A blog post by Jennifer Manske Fenske

One of the pages from the Living Proof Live booklet. Seriously, whom do we have to fear?


We unpacked our theme of “The One and Only” (John 1:14) and  all of Beth’s points (she had six to underpin the message) resonated with me. But there is one I keep coming back to: “He is the one and only source of our sustainable stability.” 

I reflected this weekend that instead of relying on Jesus, the only source of our sustainable stability, I like to place my trust in things like the fickle publishing industry; my house and my redecorating plans; and financial stability. You might call these my false “one and only’s.” They are things that I look to for reassurance and stability.

A blog post by Jennifer Manske Fenske

Some notes I made over the weekend. I have to give it up to the Living Proof and Lifeway team: the booklet paper was perfect for writing. For pen and paper geeks, this is a BIG deal.


This weekend, I sketched in the margin of my Living Proof Live booklet all of the reasons my go-to “one and only’s” were pretty sucky:

> I can get a book published and it falls flat. Or I can get a book published and everyone vomits on it. Or, I never publish a book again. Unstable. Unsustainable.

> When one decorating project is finished, another clamors to take its place. I am never satisfied, and I can pout because I lack a houseful of 12″x24″ gray-washed porcelain driftwood plank flooring. (I just made that example up.) Unstable. Unsustainable.

> Every scrap of savings that normal middle-class people like us tend to accumulate could be taken away by an accident or illness. Lack of clients. Slowdown in sales. No amount of money keeps me “safe.” Unstable. Unsustainable.

Contrasted with the The One and Only, our faux “one and only’s” are just pathetic. We all have them—the things we run to instead of God. They don’t satisfy. They fail us. Or even damage us. They lie to us. They storm around our heart yelling, “Love me alone!” But after this weekend, and my time spent with Jesus, my One and Only, those voices are stilled today. I am listening to the One who is there, always and forever.

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” John 1:14, NIV84


4 thoughts on “The One and Only: Beth Moore Living Proof Live in Denver

  1. Beautiful! As I try to drown out my false “one and only’s” raging in my own heart- I hopefully look to Jesus with you. Thanks for pointing me in the ONLY true direction.

  2. Beth Moore is inspiring and so are you!  Thank you for your honesty (I can completely relate).  LOVE reading you posts!

  3. I’ve done a bunch of Beth Moore studies with my Monday Night Women’s Bible Study ladies, and I too am a big fan! Thank you for sharing Jennifer. I love the way God never fails to speak to my heart through your words…..
    Keep writing, Girlfriend. Keep being everything God called you to be, and sharing about it with those who need to be reminded about what really matters, and why…..

  4. I accidentally ran across your blog when I was looking for this image of Heb 4:12 from the LPL conference. I attended in Lubbock Texas 2 weeks before the Denver conference & I was praying for the one you attended the very weekend you were there. God is amazing! It’s so nice to hear of just one report from someone who was at the conference I was praying for! Be blessed:)

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