Dear God, it was in the rush of traffic I saw them: a mom, dad, and their two kids, each in their own stroller. Something in my heart saw the mama’s weariness. They were just walking but her body said much more. There was no obvious need to meet this day—no broken-down car, no injured child, no sign or plea for help. They just walked in rush hour, headed someplace as a family of four.

And so, I know you called me to pray for them because my heart stood up when I saw them. I don’t know the mama’s situation and I don’t need to know it. But you do, God of All Things. You will meet their needs.

A photo of sunset by Jonathan Fenske

God, I pray for this family’s finances. Maybe they are walking because they don’t have a car. And it’s helpful to have one in this suburban neighborhood. If they do have a car, Lord bless them with one that is in good repair. We well know the price of car repairs, having just spent a lot on our aging car. It can be scary, God. But you are there to meet our needs.

Lord, bless the relationship between the man and woman. Make their love for each other deep and filled with good moments. Bless the children, those sweet children, who rolled along contentedly in their strollers.

Pour over this family health and peace. I pray blessings on their home. I ask you to cover them with good employment and access to health care. If the children are in childcare, I pray loving arms hold them safe.

And if I may bless this family in some way, I pray you would let our paths cross again, God. I’ve seen the wonders of being a part of your family, and you economize every chance meeting. Let me be your hands if you have need of me.

And can I just say, God, that you are awesome? I know you called me to pray for this family. You want me to intercede on their behalf. That’s how you work. I am sorry for the times I’ve been too busy or distracted to pray for someone you wanted me to. I repent of that selfishness. And I thank you for the many, many people who have prayed for me and my family in my life. We need prayer, God! We just do. I love you, and I thank you for every moment I have to figure out this journey with you.



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