Life was hard, so hard today in Kindergarten. 

Her best friend, a dear girl who is both smart and beautiful at the tender age of five, lost her tooth in class. 

Sweet attention followed, as it should. A special tooth purse was fetched; admiration abounded. Classmates clustered near to see the fresh-plucked tooth. 

Except for one girl. A girl wounded to the core over the fetting, over the attention. Life’s spotlight had raked over her and then moved on. Hers was not the story today.  

The final blow came during a silly song the beloved teacher played in class. The teacher named each child a special name and when it got to fresh-tooth-girl, the teacher blessed her with the title, “Toothy Swan.” 

It was too much. Tears, so many tears, still falling at night as the girl told me the story. 

“It was her day to be special.” I told the girl as we lay closely together, swimming in flannel sheets and soft pillows. “You are special to me everyday, but it was her day to be special in class.” 

“But Mom,” she sniffed. “I wanted to be a Toothy Swan.” 

And so I understood. In the naming, there was a specialness. In the naming, there was belonging and a place most beloved.  

The girl is asleep now, but I carry with me how tenderly my child’s heart cracked open, naming her anguish. I have walked that road, too, calling out to the Savior, “Do I matter? Am I special? Do you care what happens to me?” 

The answer, dear friends, is yes. We are beloved daughters of the King. Robed in peace and joy , the power of the Holy Spirit coursing through every cell of our bodies. 

As you read this, is the world telling you that today is not your day? That today is someone else’s moment to shine? Of course, that is life in this world. Your day might not be today on Earth. But in Heaven is One who cannot keep His eyes off of you. You are princess, daughter and beloved, cherished-beyond-measure swan.  


7 thoughts on “You Are My Toothy Swan

  1. How precious… How sweet. somedays we have to step back and let others ‘have the shine’… a lesson learned at an early age.

  2. These words go straight to the core of my little girl heart….

    Thank you for the Truth of them.

    God speaks through you, Sweet Pearl, and I am blessed by it.

  3. Oh, what a sweet (and heart-wrenching) story! But what a beautiful ending. Thank you for the reminder that we are special to God each and every day.

  4. What an amazing story about how we all want to be recognized!! I am just blown away at you can write and it feels like I was right there when it was all happening.

  5. I wish we could hold her also. She is our special swan
    always. Thank you for reminding us we are all special
    in the Lord’s eyes.

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