Art by a Small Fenske

Adults like to make things complicated, don’t we? Especially around matters of faith and who’s in, who’s out and who’s just not even invited to the party.

I was juggling two energetic kiddos after Sunday School tonight as a bone-chilling cold wind whipped down the street. My man was in bed sick, and I was eager to get home to him. (Our church does Sunday School at night for a variety of reasons, but one of them is the sheer number of kids—we spill over into the beautiful commercial daycare building next door.)

As I was herding little bodies into the car, my jacket zipped tight against the chill, there was suddenly a hue and cry for a potty break. I just wanted to get home, but I know better. So, we unstrapped car seats, pulled on jackets and made a quick pit stop. As with any interruption, I felt the familiar dry taste of frustration rise in my throat. I wanted to go home. I deserved to go home.

But my mind abruptly jumped tracks and went in a new direction: a direction I have been claiming for the past few months. Thankfulness.

Thanksgiving for the strong legs of my children as they crest the hill beside the church, the younger one’s pink tutu sticking out from under her jacket.

Thanksgiving for what I have—what I do not have blissfully set aside as something not worth noting.

Thanksgiving for chilly nights and warm houses to head toward after a full day.
And then the sharp breath. Have I spent my life not seeing this? The flash of light in another’s eyes? The soft, rounded skin on their cheeks? The excitement in just running to the mundane on a cold night, face flushed and arms pumping?
I give God the glory that I can even hazard a whispered prayer when things are headed from bad to worse. But God in his wisdom is still charting my course. He gives, he gives.

I took a deep breath and felt the offering coming up from someplace so deep it had to be from the Author of Life. It’s not from me, oh, no. His goodness endures forever!
Yes, we make things complicated. But He would have us make it so very small. Give thanks. Love. Forgive. Bless.


4 thoughts on “Sometimes, It’s Just That Easy

  1. Your words are always Perfect…
    What a blessed reminder.
    Give thanks. Focus on what I Have, not what I don’t.
    Love, forgive, and Trust the One who has charted every moment of my course.
    Thank you.

  2. So true, we complicate it so often.
    simple faith
    innocent children
    not thinking of adult worries
    just wanting to have fun.
    Perhaps that is why HE said that we should learn to come to HIM
    as children.

  3. I had a similar moment just this morning. I was out on a walk and had reached a tired point where I was grumbling about not being home yet and it seemed about to burst into raindrops any minute. Then, I looked up and caught sight of a beautiful fall tree, all brilliant red and orange against a backdrop of green trees that haven’t changed yet. Thanksgiving came pouring out. Somehow the rest of the way seemed to bounce by without a care.

  4. Love it Jen! I am now making a daily habit of writing down God’s grace! It is teaching me to keep my eyes open -watch for God and simplify my life! Truly a blessing!! Love the art!

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