Note: I am playing around with the WordPress app for iPhone. I am thinking that if I like it, I can post more often on the fly. So, if the spacing is weird on this post, you now know why.

I went for a walk earlier this week on my lunch hour. At first, it seemed like a mistake. It was cold and rain seemed likely; the sky was heavy with clouds the color of the last decade’s blue jeans.

And then I saw this beauty.


I stopped to admire the gorgeous orange-red flowers, a seemingly tropical display in the midst of a typically frigid Colorado spring.

My mind went to a small island in South Carolina where flowers like these were everywhere. I breathed in and out, delighting in memories, delighting in a moment out of the ordinary.

I believe God places small gifts like these in all of our lives…if we will see them. Just like we might tuck a love note into our child’s lunchbox or text our spouse a sweet nothing, God takes the time to encourage us with the small moments. Do you see them?

God’s special touches are often in plain view. We might miss them if we’re not careful. Concerned with schedules, deadlines and running our homes, we are likely to rush past what God has tucked into daily life.

His mercies—and love notes—are fresh every morning. Be alert. You never know where you will find them.



2 thoughts on “Things Are Not Always What They Seem

  1. This is so true!!

    He does it for me often, just have to have the ears to hear and eyes to see.

    Thank you for the lovely reminder….

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