Photo by Jonathan Fenske

In another land, a fairytale wedding is poised to capture the eyeballs and hearts of millions. It’s impossible to ignore the royal wedding hoopla. Who’s invited, who’s not; the dresses, the wedding details, the food—all of it is being sliced and diced endlessly.  

I wish the young couple well, and of course, all this wedding talk has made me think of my own marriage and our marital hedge.  

“Hedging” your marriage is the practice of drawing boundary lines around the marriage—and mutually agreeing on those important and life-giving boundaries. My husband and I agree on things such as (in no particular order) respectful conversation; fidelity; financial honesty; grace when one of us invariably acts like a jerk; and lovingly taking care of each other in a cruel, cruel world. When you hedge your marriage, you provide a tight row of defense against Satan’s attacks. What’s more attractive than the safe harbor of a loving marriage? The enemy would relish ripping a hole in the tender fabric of our marriages. I don’t dare leave our union without the defense of prayer. 

It’s for that reason that I pray mightily over my marriage. I form the image of a hedge in my mind and pray for protection from marriage-killing thoughts, actions and motives. Our popular culture would have us believe that marriage is an outdated artifact, incompatible with modern times and creaking with dullness. Sadly, so many people believe that lie.  

A vibrant, loving and Christ-honoring marriage is a breathtaking thing of beauty worth protecting, worth fighting for. Worth praying over every day. So, I am building my hedge and then praying for its steadfastness. What about you? What are you hedging today? 


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