I have two favorite necklaces, one designed by Boulder’s own Hot Mama Designs and the other by Lisa Leonard. Both were given to me by J. and both are cherished. The Hot Mama necklace comes with a small disc that reads “Hot Mama.” This small disc rests at the clasp, but sometimes as it will happen, the necklace rotates and the little disc slides forward and comes to rest just under my collarbone. When that happens, my eldest girl likes to yell, “Hot Mama’s in front!” 

Oh yes, she is. 

I am in front—getting ahead of life with seven precious gifts*. In my Hot Mama’s Toolbox, I am using prayer, faith, hope, love, patience, the Word and the Holy Spirit. When I say “in front,” I mean I am meeting life head on armed with the most mighty weapons that are out of this world. 

I’d be toast without these ferocious tools. I’d crumple if someone said “boo” to me; I’d listen to the soundtrack in my head that says, “You’re a terrible mother!”; I’d probably retreat from challenges and doubt my very footsteps. 

But armed with weapons that 2 Corinthians 10:4 says are “not of this world,” I walk confidently. I stand taller. There is nothing my God can’t handle. Using weapons such as prayer, for instance, the Bible says I have the “divine power to demolish strongholds.” Don’t we all need some divine power? I know I do, dear sisters. 

So, how does this work in real life? 

The other day, I came home to find my husband super frazzled. The kids had been difficult and their cuteness factor was veering into the negative. He was a bit—shall we say “snappy”? with me. It was tempting to return the sentiment in kind. After all, my day at work was super stressful with a looming project sucking up all of my patience. But in the moment, I took a deep breath and retreated to give my man some space. The children danced around me and we played “Sleeping Monster”** long enough to give J. some chill time. He later thanked me and I knew it was the Holy Spirit living in me that had finessed that delicate moment. (This is not always the case. I would concede the recent Great Almond Incident was not my finest hour. The dear man brought home the wrong almonds from the grocery store prior to a lunch I was hosting for new friend. I didn’t handle that so well.) 

Another time this week, I realized that the Kindergarten school lotteries were beginning soon. I felt the tension of all the questions rising in my brain—where?how?which?—until I lifted it up to the Lord. You have this, I prayed. You know where she is going. 

This week, I have tried to have love for difficult people. This takes more than one tool in the toolbox (at least for me!) but thank God, I have a toolbox to go to when life happens. God did not leave us alone to face our lives; we have the Holy Spirit as believers in Christ. Tap into that divine power. Take your Hot Mama*** tools and step confidently into the world. 

What tool in your toolbox are you using this week?  

* This list was provided, in part, from my NIV Life Application Bible. 

** “Sleeping Monster” is a game in which the child selects a word and then goes to sleep on the floor. When the parent guesses the word (after some elaborate hints), and then carelessly says the word, the child monster awakes and menacingly approaches the parent. Only the word “snooze” will stop the monster (who is of course giggling and making scary noises at the same time.) 

*** Not a Mama? Just substitute “Hot Miss” instead! 


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