Sometimes, God just shows off. 

I love that about our God. He can be showy, extravagant—whatever you want to call it—but make no mistake, he delivers the goods with awesomeness. 

This week, I had plans to fly back to South Carolina to see my parents. J. had lovingly agreed to watch our two l’il blossoms so I could have a long weekend of visiting with my folks. 

On Monday, my mom happened to email me the name of her Bible study group’s latest book: The Sacred Echo by Margaret Feinberg. I knew about Margaret, knew she lived in Colorado, but had never done one of her studies. So, I resolved to get The Sacred Echo, read the first chapter and tell my mom about it when I landed in Greenville on Thursday. 

The only problem was—I couldn’t find Margaret’s book in any of the local bookstores. I searched online, even tried Craigslist, but there wasn’t a copy to be had. With just three days before my flight, it was too late to order a copy online. 

To understand my disapointment over not finding this book, you would have to know that I love me some Bible study books. I love devotionals. I love deep, searching this-is-what-the-word-means-in-Hebrew type of books. I just plain love soaking up a well-written book about the God I love. I ache to study the Word. I would do it all day if I could. 

As I headed to the airport in Denver, I was filled with expectation. I know God shows up in places like airports. Travel can bring out frustration and need, and I prayed for God to use me in whatever way he saw fit. 

I approached my gate in Concourse C and found the usual hundreds of people milling about, expectant to board. I stood there, popped a mint in my mouth and looked over to see Margaret Feinberg standing beside me. 

I love that my first thought (beyond, “That’s Margaret Feinberg!”) was “Of course, it’s Margaret Feinberg.” God is so good. I crave study under a well-known and wonderful writer, and when I can’t find her book, God brings the writer to me. 

I introduced myself to Margaret and she was so gracious—the plane was about to board and there wasn’t much time to chat—but I was able to tell her in a babbling way about the past week and my search for her book. What an encouragement to me—a new Christian blogger—to meet someone like Margaret! 

We parted ways, but I had a quiet reverence as I sat on the plane knowing that God makes such meetings happen. To a non-believer, it looks like chance. But I know it’s much more—it’s one more event in a long chain that shows me God is the author of a perfect design. A perfect design woven with surprise, expectation, and yes, humor. (Did I mentioned I babbled?) 

Hebrews 22:31 tells us God’s way is perfect. God makes a way in your life and mine. This way is perfect—without flaw, longing or blemish. 

To our eyes, God waits. God delays. God ignores. Of course, I have had all of these thoughts and more. I get impatient and frustrated when I don’t see my carefully laid out plans working to my liking. Where is God, I say? 

But make no mistake: God is making a way. We can only see a glimpse of the roadmap. My piece of the roadmap often feels like a torn corner, bent and folded over. I work daily on giving up my claim to my little scrap of roadmap and handing it to the One who’s way is perfect. 

Tonight, I am embracing another verse in Hebrews: “It is God who arms me with strength and makes my way perfect” (22:33). 

Sweet reader, God is making a way for you today. Are you open to God’s plans? Is your heart saying “yes”? Take care to follow that way—the way prepared for you—with lots of wonderful time with God, honest prayer and reading the Word. 

His plans are perfect and he’s making a way right now for you, his precious daughter. You are loved and loved beyond all measure. 

How is God making a way in your life right now?  


9 thoughts on “Making a Way in Concourse C

  1. Love that about God, too. He has a sense of humor, a way of beating us over the head when we are hesitant to get the point, and even sent Jesus so he could truly “know” the human pain we suffer. It is super humbling that God cares enough to make the effort to “know” us.

  2. I love how you meet God in unexpected places! God is definitely making a way right now for me. He is showing me how I can be closer to Him through wonder of wonders-a diet. I’m doing Made to Crave by Lysa Terkeurst, and it has been a great exercise in seeing God’s guidance while making healthy choices. Ever think you could have a sense of peace by resisting a cookie? I was worried at first that it would be using God as an excuse for self motivation, but it really hasn’t been. I get to study His word and really get to know what He has to say about wanting more of Him. Now, I’m only a few weeks in, so wish me blessings to keep up the hard work!

    • G,

      Lysa is one of my heroes! This book has been touching SO many people! I am thrilled you are loving it. That warms my heart. I have never met Lysa, but I follow her on her blog and have several of her books.


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