“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.” Hebrews 6:19 

Home has felt more, well, homey lately. 

I find myself practically chomping at the bit to get home from work and walk into our cozy house. I know I will see my husband wrangling dinner. The man can make an amazing dinner with just two ingredients. Seriously, his creativity knows no limits. Spaghetti Burgers with Spinach, anyone?  

The children will be doing what they do best: jumping on the couch, removing their clothes spontaneously, watching Yo Gabba Gabba or shrieking. Usually, shrieking is guaranteed. Our house can pump up the volume. 

It is into this delicious chaos that I enter after a civilized day in the office. None of the adults I work with disrobes for no reason, screams about people looking at them or decides they will leave the office to “find someone who loves them.” Work is easy; it’s home that is loud, crazy and wonderfully mine. 

After dinner tonight, a snack was requested by the older daughter. I half-remembered a parenting magazine suggestion that a mini-cupcake pan could serve as a fun snack dispenser. So, in a fit of inspiration, I actually channeled a parenting magazine article for the first (and probably last) time. Here is what I served the kiddos: 

Note: This craftiness is not soon to be duplicated. Please enjoy.


After presenting the snack, I was feted by the children as Their Queen of All Things. Laurels were tossed, poems written in my honor; joy reigned. 

It got me thinking about the beauty God has placed in my life. He has laid out before me an amazing life and has blessed me with gifts unique and valuable. But they are not for my amusement alone. 

No, God desires me to make much of him. 

My actions and words must point to him. My life is designed to glorify his name. 

Snacks and pleasure and clothing and trips and books are not the aim of my life. Taken alone, they will never satisfy. There is no job, no car, no family, no children, no spouse, no dreams that can fill the empty spaces of my heart. Not one. My home can be cozy, but without the love of a Savior, I am just another mom driving home to a temporary living space. 

But with Jesus, we are infinitely loved. With Jesus, home is one more place to celebrate his love for us. To get it right—maybe for one minute. I practice my love on these precious people who live with me. It’s love and forgiveness and grace I learned from JC first. It’s love that will last. God is the anchor and I cling to that anchor mightily. It is my home I return to, time and time again. 


2 thoughts on “An Anchor for the Soul

  1. So good!!!! I’ve been thinking about doing that snack tray idea – funny!!! Love you and your spirit for God – it’s so contagious!

  2. I too have been dwelling on thoughts of what is temporary and what is permanent. Atlanta has been paralyzed by ice this week. Kids home all week from school. The beauty and fun quickly wore off. Like the snow, things of this life can fade and change. What was once fun and beautiful has now become a hassle and even dangerous. One major benefit seems to be the extra time to dwell in the Word and to slow down the schedule to really listen to those we love-to spend the time on what is permanent!

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