Welcome to my new friends visiting from (In) Courage. I am blessed to be featured there today. What a treat! Like a huge cupcake swirled with buttercream frosting. But I digress.

I’m happy to talk about being a mess. I figured out a while ago that I could make life a little more real, a little more God-filled, if I just ‘fessed up and admitted that without God I was a wreck. And with God—well, there was no end to the joy I would receive being his precious daughter.

But to get there, we have to admit our messiness. Can you do that? Seriously?

I can let you in on a little secret: being messy attracts amazing people into our lives. When we look another person in the eye and admit that nope, we don’t have it all together, then you allow that person to breathe a little deeper.

When we stop judging people by the car they drive in the carpool lane; how tight their capris fit over their bottom; how messy their daughter’s hair is; how married or unmarried they are—people notice it. They will find you and tell you the stories of their messiness. Because you are safe. You have been there, too.

Oh, but for Jesus, I would not be able to get up and breathe. But for him, I would be the most ridiculous, preening thing. You would say, “Bless her heart” and you wouldn’t even say it nicely.

Thank God for do-overs brought on by forgiveness. Thank God for people who walk with us in our brokenness. Are you a mess? It’s okay. I am, too.

Do you have a story about a time when you admitted you weren’t perfect? How did it turn out?

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7 thoughts on “Are You A Mess, Too?

  1. wow, you are a great writer! i have been exploring blogs after my mom told me about incourage. i followed you to your blog and will bookmark it (-: i am challenged by your post about being real and non-judgmental. i have come so far in this, but the lord used your post to reveal how far i still need to come! thank you for being vulnerable and letting God use your words to minister to others. blessings on you and your family!

  2. Yes, I did so recently with a trusted and caring friend. Lately, God has been pressing into me deeply to be transparent in my walk with Him. It was probably one of the most difficult things that I’ve ever done – admitting that I didn’t have it all together. I had already replayed the various scenarios over and over in my mind. I thought that I might be judged harshly once I shared my story. I almost didn’t share, but my desire to be free far outweighed my fear of embarrassment, so I mustered up the courage, said a prayer, and just spit it all out. My poor friend. She got the whole blubbering mess of it, but I’m glad I did it. She shared beautiful words of wisdom that my sore soul need to hear.

    Transparency is a gift. It’s only through our transparency that we can allow God to shine through us. My prayer everyday is that He give me the courage to stand before man with outstretched arms, flaws and all, to show that with Him all things are possible. – Blessings to you!


  3. What a beautiful post on incourage. I am a mess. After having moved [rather reluctantly, but with full faith that God was leading us here], I find myself looking back at what I had: A village full of beautiful, kind women willing to lend a hand, a shoulder an egg. Here, I have to recreate my village. Some days it seems hard. Too hard.
    Those are the days I call a friend and cry on their shoulder over the phone. They remind me of who I am and, more importantly, who God and Jesus are.
    After my rest, I can pick up and continue on.

  4. I am a mess too, and I’ve been working for years to clear the cobwebs and dust bunnies from my personal house. And you know what, mentoring has helped me tremendously. While I’m mentoring a younger woman who is going through a mix of troubled times, I find myself enriched by her story and struggles and at the stage of life I’m in, I can actually talk with my Father in Heaven and we work out some of those messes.

    Thanks for your post today — found you at (in)courage, one of my favorite places. I’ll be bookmarking the Pearl too!


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