“So let’s do it– full of belief, confident that we’re presentable inside and out. Let’s keep a firm grip on the promises that keep us going. He always keeps his word.”
Hebrews 1-:22-23 The Message 

If you heard the bells ringing this summer–great, big, pealing bells–I can tell you most assuredly it was because of my husband. He received professional news not too long ago of the type that is life changing. A goal met; an ocean of dreaming crossed. I can’t give you all the details at present because there are details still to be red-lined by attorneys, but I can tell you this: God keeps his word.  

When I heard the news, I fell back into God’s arms. I was already resting there because the news was too sweet and too fragile to be real. I needed to be on my knees, begging, pleading, literally holding my breath until the dream was realized, right?  

And God said to me, You do know I have this?  

Somewhere along life’s pathways, I have wandered away from believing–actively believing–that God not only knows about my dreams, but that he created them. He planted them in my heart. Ephesians 2 tells us, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God himself prepared in advance for us to do.” 

Somehow, I have decided my dreams could be squashed down, packed away into dusty boxes because they probably weren’t ever going to happen. I made my dreams small. I made God small.  

And somewhere along the way of praying for my husband’s specific career ambitions for 13 years, I still felt stubborn hope. Maybe God wouldn’t answer my specific dreams, but he would answer my dear heart’s dream. And slowly, like someone who hasn’t stopped for a sunset in years, I felt a surge of Well, this is interesting, isn’t it, God? As plans and work and connections sped up, I started to believe in dreams again. Not because we got what we wanted. Because God does what he says he will do. The Bible says when God makes a plan, no one can stop it. Before time began, the Lord tucked my dreams into what would be my heart. He didn’t do it so that I could have a nice, cushy life. He did it because he has plans for me that only I can achieve. He has work for me to do. You have a very specific God mission. I don’t know what it is. But if you ask, God will show it to you. He does what he says he will do.  

And part of doing what he says he will do is reminding me that I don’t have to take a number with him. I don’t have to approach his throne room trembling and saying, “Well, if you have the time…” 

No, dear friend, he is crazy about you, about me. He longs for you to bring the dreams to his arms. Does he know them already? Yes, even the ones you won’t speak aloud. The forgotten, half-written novel. The charity you want to start for poor kids. The husband who is much prayed over but refuses to appear. The singing career. The college admission. The child won back to the family. He knows them all but really, really wants you to lay them at his feet. He really wants you to fall back, into his arms, for good.  

I am rediscovering dreams. God and me–we’re plotting together. And in the dusting off of old dreams comes new, God-blessed dreams. Ideas that are less selfish than the dreams before. Dreams that might just be God blooming in my heart because I’ve moved past forgetting, squashing and ignoring. Those dusty boxes? They are thrown out. I don’t need them anymore.  

What are your dreams? I would be honored to pray for you if you want to leave your requests in the Comments section.  


2 thoughts on “What About My Dreams?

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  2. Thank you Jen! This spoke to my heart this morning! I love “When God makes a plan no one can stop it” Praying for God’s plans for me to be revealed!

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