My whole being, praise the Lord and do not forget all his kindnesses. He saves my life from the grave and loads me with love and mercy.” Psalm 103: 2&4 (NCV) 

My sister lives in Manhattan on the Upper West Side and goes to work each day for a famous magazine housed in a glass skyscraper. But before she lived the life she’s living now, she shared an apartment in Queens with a friend who had an elephant lamp.  

My sis and her college-friend-turned-roommate had a two-bedroom apartment. The roommate’s room was stunning. There was a carved wooden elephant lamp with a tasteful red shade, a similar safari-themed comforter, some other unique knick-knacks and a wicker chair with a smart patterned cushion. It was expertly decorated by the roommate’s mother. The entire room was very, very cool and not at all post-college hand-me-downs. It was clear the roommate’s mother had lovingly selected each object, packed it up and then traveled to New York City to get her baby (her baby!) settled so she could chase her dreams.  

I’ve been camping out with the above verse from Psalms over the past day. I geeked out a bit and looked up the different translations for “loads me with love and mercy.” Two other translations say, “crowns you with love and mercy” (The Message) or “crowns you with love and compassion” (NIV). 

But I prefer “loads.” 

It’s kind of a striking word, no? The Lord loads you with good stuff. Love, mercy–who doesn’t need more of that? Who doesn’t need it RIGHT NOW? Who doesn’t need just a little bit?  

I need a whole lot of love. I need a whole lot of mercy. Like the rest of the world, I am concerned with my needs, my rights and my little patch of something. So, I need the God of Everything to take me in his arms and say, “Shush. I love you.” (Sometimes, He says “Shush” more than once.)  

Image courtesy of Squidoo

I need Jesus to take me by the hand and say, “I get it. This life is hard. Why don’t you rest and let me carry some of that burden? It’s cracking your back.” 

I am loaded with love and mercy. Not loaded down, oppressed and weary. I am loaded up. Filled to the brim. Like a caring mother who lovingly totes an elephant lamp all the way to the Big City, my Father seeks to make sure I have what I need and more. He sees to it that I have the twin blessings of love and mercy.  

If you have a minute, go look up Psalm 103. It’s so clear in what the Lord is and what He can do. It’s almost like a blueprint of God’s character. He’s doing a lot for you and me, right as you sit here reading this. He is near, so near. He’s brought something for you. And He wants to load you up before you go.  

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