“I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never go thirsty.” John 6:35 

The smell of fresh-baked bread was delicious. It rose up from the bakery counter as I selected two loaves for dinner later that evening. I knew I would be tormented by the smell of that bread all the way to the dinner party, so I hastily paid for a small roll dotted with herbs.  

Once settled into my little truck, the heady bread aroma filled the small space. Luckily, I could chomp on the roll. But after it was gone, I eyed the fresh bread peeking out of the open paper bags. Somehow, the loaves made it to the dinner party unmolested. 

Ah, bread. Ah, Jesus. Didn’t you say you were the bread of life? Not gulped down in seconds, a passing snack, but spiritual food that satisfies and opens the door to eternal life.  

Bread is warm, comforting and wholesome. Homemade bread is hand-shaped, made with care and skill. But once eaten, it is gone. We must eat again to live. Over and over again. Think of your life as a parade of meals. It’s exhausting if you put it like that. In just a few minutes, I will bake a cake for a BBQ later this evening. As yummy as my Mexican Cake will taste, it will be just crumbs by eight o-clock tonight.  

Following Jesus requires we get our fill of spiritual food from him. We must invite him in daily to our walk. This is the bread that will nourish and satisfy. It’s easy to see when I have not had my share of God-given bread during the day. When I don’t start out with Jesus, all the rest just kind of limps along. But if I spend time with the Bread of Life, I am nourished and strengthened. Thank you, God, for your awesome bread.  


3 thoughts on “Bread Basket

  1. Jennifer,
    I love reading your devotions….such insight. Your write so beautifully!! Redeemer’s message today “if you are ok vertically (relationship with God) you are ok horizontally (with life)” reminds me of our daily bread (time with God)

    • Wow, Rachelle! Thank you for your kind comment. We had such a lovely time at your home. The kids loved running around with H&C. Fun. And SO cool to meet Rob!

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