The Bunnyman

Introducing Our New Son-in-Law

Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest is my lover among the young men. Song of Songs 2:3 

The four-year-old gravely informed us the other day she had taken a husband. 

He is an eight-inch-tall plush rabbit with–dare I say it–a bit of a put-upon expression. We’re not sure if he is an art student or perhaps simply double majoring in “the humanities” but we have a feeling he’s captured our eldest daughter’s heart. And that’s enough for us. 

All this talk of human/rabbit love got me thinking of our babe’s future husband. I have prayed for her future spouse since she was a tiny thing. I need to pray more. 

I need to get on my knees for this boy-child, where ever he is. I need to be in prayer for his mother and father, where ever they live and work. I need to because somehow, this parenting thing is not getting any easier. I have this idea that it should. That we’ll morph from “spirited” to “easy-going.” Or “helphelphelpmeJesus” to “what a pleasant bath and bedtime routine that was this evening.” 

I don’t think that easier time is coming. So, if I am struggling with being a mom of high-strung and incredibly dramatic girl-children, it stands to reason my daughter’s future husband’s mommy and daddy are struggling, too. In whatever way they need you, Lord, be with them. And bless their sweet son. The one that grabs their breath when the afternoon summer sun catches the light in his hair. The one that will take away my sweet babe’s breath one day. Come, Lord Jesus, to us all.


2 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Husband

  1. re: children’s temperaments- I have been praying about this with L, as well. The only conclusion I have come to is that I need to be so grateful and humbled that God entrusted me with (t)his precious, self confident, bold, spirited child.


  2. Amen, Amber. LeAnne said something that stuck with me when discussing our strong-willed children. Her comment was that God made them and we know he has plans for them. That little bit of faith talk has given me perspective so many times. P’s “spirited-ness” is no accident. And it’s no surprise to God.

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